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Apple Mail Stationary Setup

It is important to note that the following setup instructions are a simple way to have Signatures/Stationary working in Apple Mac Mail. Should you prefer a more permanent solution, please contact support as the setup process can be difficult.
Step 1:
You will have received your email stationery in your mail box (if your stationery was emailed to you), or save stationery to your computer if you downloaded the file from the Email Stationery Generator.

  • Double click the html attachment (in your mail box)
  • If you downloaded your stationery files to your local machine, double click on the html file


The attachment will open up in a browser window (Eg Safari, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Click on the open email stationery in the web browser
  • Press cmd + a  (the entire stationery should now be highlighted)
  • Press cmd + c to copy the stationery. 
Compose a new email message

  • Click into the specified body area
  • Make sure that you do not have a signature selected.
  • Press cmd + a to select any text currently in the body of the mail
  • Press cmd + v to paste the stationery into the email. (You will see you stationery in the email body now)
Step 4:
Go to File -> Save As Stationery

Provide a name for the stationery e.g. (Your Name)
Close the "New Message Window".
Testing your stationery:
That's it ! To use the stationery:

  • Compose an email
  • Click on the "Stationery" icon in the top right of the window
  • Scroll down to custom
  • Select the appropriate stationery from the list provided
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