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Outlook 2011 Email Setup (For MAC)


Launch Outlook 2011

Step 1:

Launch Outlook 2010


Step 2:

Select Tools from the top menu bar and then Accounts...



Add an Account

Step 3:

Select the "E-mail Account" option.



Enter your account information

Step 4:

Enter all the relevant details (Select ‘POP’ as the type) then select "Override default port" under the Outgoing server section to change your Outgoing servers port to "587".



Step 5:

Once all the specified fields have been entered select "Add Account"



Select More Options…

Step 6:

Select "More Options..." below your Outgoing server settings.



Settings for SMTP server

Step 7:

Under the "More Options..." button select "User Name and Password for "Authentication"

Step 8:

Enter in your username and password then select "OK"


You have completed your account setup

Your Outlook mail program should now be set up to send and receive mail.

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