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Mozilla Thunderbird Email Setup


Launch Mozilla Thunderbird


Step 1:

Launch Mozilla Thunderbird




Add a new email account 

Step 2:

Select File from the top menu bar and then New and Mail Account




Mail Account Setup

Step 3:

Enter your name (which will appear the “From” field in your emails), email address and password, then click Continue




Automatic settings check

Step 4:

Thunderbird will automatically search for mail server settings related to your account. This information is displayed on the same screen and a green light indicates that the search was successful.



Step 5:

Click Manual Setup




Manual Setup 

Step 6:

On the next screen (Server Settings), adjust the Server Name to and ensure that the Port is set to the 110. User name should be your full email address i.e.



Step 7:

Ensure that the Use secure authentication checkbox is NOT ticked




Outgoing Server Settings

Step 8:

Click Outgoing server (SMTP) in the menu on the left hand side and ensure that the outgoing server is selected for the correct account/email address, then click Set Default (if not already the default).


Step 9:

Click Edit



SMTP Server

Step 10:

Ensure that Server Name is and that the Port is set to 587. 11. Click OK 12. Your Thunderbird homepage will now display and you should now be set up to send and receive mail.

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