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Apple Mail email signature setup instructions

Step 1:
You will have received your email stationery in your mail box (if your signature was emailed to you), or save signature to your computer if you downloaded the file from the Email Signature Generator.

  • Double click the html attachment (in your mail box)
  • If you downloaded your signature files to your local machine, double click on the html file


The attachment will open up in a browser window (Eg Safari, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Click on the open email stationery in the web browser
  • Press cmd + a  (the entire signature should now be highlighted)
  • Press cmd + c to copy the signature
Open Apple Mail and create a new signature. To create an email signature, go to your top toolbar and select Mail > Preferences.

then clicking on the "Signatures" tab to the top right. You should then see your email accounts in the left hand side of this window. Select the email account that you would like your email signature to be associated with, highlight it and then press the + icon at the bottom to create a new signature.
Step 4:
  • Clear the default text in the signature place holder on the right hand pane
  • Paste your Copied content from Step 2 into this place holder
  • Close the Signature Preferences window.
Testing your stationery:
That's it ! Send a test mail to to ensure that your signature displays correctly.
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