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Property Listing Syndication (PLS) procedure


With the single click of the mouse, Prop Data Syndication will maximize your online exposure and publish your listings on all the major property portals and online classifieds websites.

 There are a few things you need to consider when signing up for syndication, and the procedures you will need to follow in order for the setup to be as seamless as possible.

Firstly, we cannot send through listings until your website is live. Also, there is some administration which needs to be completed before hand, to ensure that we have received the relevant details before the go live date of your website. This is particularly true for the paid portals such as Property 24.


Property 24:

You will need to contact Property 24, and sign up on a package that they offer. This will create your Agency Profile on

However, you will need to complete an Addendum to your contract, to enable the syndication from Prop Data to Property 24. Once this has been completed by your self, you will need to send this back to Property 24's admin department, and they will then send us the feed details in order to set up the service.

To download the paperwork required to feed in to P24 - Click the link at the bottom of this post (Annexure D 19022014.pdf)

Under the feed service Provider section, please fill in Prop Data's details as below:

Service Provider: Prop Data

Contact : Feeds Support


Tel: 031 266 0035

Contact details for Property 24:

Email: /

Tel: +27 86 111 1724


Private Property:

Similarly, you will need to contact an account manager at Private Property directly. You will need to notify them that you wish to feed into Private Property with Prop Data as your data source.

Once you have completed their required documentation, they will send us your branches GUID and feed details, and we can commence with the feed setup.

Contact details for Private Property:


Tel: 087 375 1000


Note, that if you have multiple branches, they will need to complete this process separately, unless you wish to have all your branches feeding through to one profile on the portals.


Free Portals:

Upon activating the Syndication Service with Prop Data, your listings will automatically be selected and sent through to the free portals that they are applicable to. This will be dependant on Price, Listing Type (be it Commercial or Residential), as well as various aspects that apply to each of the free portals consuming your stock. 

For a comprehensive list of the Free Portals that we syndicate to, as well as all other paid portals, please see the link below to the Prop Data Syndication offerings.

Having Feed Issues?

Sometimes, issues do happen with your feed to the portals. There are various aspects that could result in a listing fail.

  • are your accounts up to date on the paid portals?
  • a network interruption can occur between Prop Data and the Portals
  • Prop Data feed servers could have an issue
  • The portals accepting our feed could have an issue
  • have you checked the feed logs in the Prop Data Management System for the listing/s that are failing?

Should you encounter any problems or difficulties, please email the the relevant web reference of the listing in question and the portal you are having an issue with to The more information our feeds department receives with your request, the quicker we can resolve your issue, and establish if there is a serious problem at hand.


If you want to sign up for the Property Listing Syndication service please view our website ( and contact our sales department on to enquire further!

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